The Administrative management team or AMT of Eminence is generally engaged in communication, coordination, human resource management, daily administration, and planning. The AMT manage the administrative tasks that are required to ensure the smooth operation of the organization. Coordination of team activities and distribution of tasks is another large part of AMT.

The AMT provides a timely, equitable and consistent professional administration of HR services. It posts advertisements or approves advertisements for new employees, screens resumes and applications, sets interview appointments and gets involved in the hiring process. Moreover the AMT provides employee supervision and evaluations and retrain employees. Workplace safety, employee absenteeism and health issues are also addressed by the AMT. Eminence AMT also recommends policy changes, to ensure that recruitment, appointment, placement, and career development attract, place, develop and retain staff. The AMT interprets and implements HR policy, procedures and guidelines in a timely, transparent, and consistent manner.

The Eminence AMT is an amalgamation of professionals who are able to proactively relate to and influence individuals at all levels without formal authority and those who are able to build strong partnerships, alliances, and can work across organizational lines. Applying sound judgment, maintaining confidences and managing confidential information and documents are among the key expertise of AMT members.




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