Eminence works with today’s corporate business to conceive, construct and deliver measurable marketing programs on an international scale. As of now, we are working with Marico Bangladesh Limited (MBL) and a solar panel marketing agency to intelligently develop and apply marketing strategies in a real world environment so as to deliver optimum value to their business.

Eminence identifies potential influencers who are activists, well-connected, have impact, have active minds, and are trendsetters to proceed with the influential marketing strategy.

Another very important component of business strategy that Eminence applies is market research. Eminence is engaged in market research activities for Saffola Gold®, a global brand product of Marico Bangladesh Limited.

A number of local and national seminars, sensitization workshops, and dissemination workshops have been conducted as a part of influential marketing activities of Eminence. Moreover, Eminence collaborates with NGOs and prospective partners to promote products. Presently, Eminence is working with a solar panel distribution company for this purpose.


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