It is now established that HIV/AIDS is not merely a health concern because its expansion encompasses all the dimensions unique to the individual it infects, the family it affects and the community that it impacts. In Bangladesh, where very low levels of HIV were reported in earlier surveys, a new round of serosurveillance in 2006 found that 7% of injecting drug users surveyed were HIV-infected in Dhaka. According to government source mentioned that HIV positive patients diagnosed in 2010 is 343 while total number of the affected person is 2,088. A total number of 850 AIDS patients are there in the country, as of 2010 and at least 241 died since the first detection of HIV positive in 1989.

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Realizing the need of formative research for having a better understanding of interests, attributes and needs of population, Eminence facilitates the conduction of research and development of programs, services and resources for HIV/AIDS prevention.

Being committed to ensure better health for the people of Bangladesh, Eminence has invested their expertise in HIV/AIDS sector of the country. With the financial support from Save the Children USA, Eminence conducted a Governance Assessment of the GFATM Partners in the country in the year 2009.

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Afterwards, a need assessment was carried out to identify the current status of the Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centres (VCT).  World Health Organization – Country Office for Bangladesh funded the study. A workshop was also organized by Eminence to share the preliminary findings of the need assessment with donor agencies, government, INGOs and NGOs during the first week of December, 2010.

As of now, Eminence is working with WHO to develop strategies and guidelines for equitable access to antiretroviral (ARV) drugs including diagnostic support for HIV/AIDS.




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