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Eminence has strategic plan to work against food insecurity in Bangladesh where the focus areas are sustainable agriculture, fisheries, rural development, poverty reduction and preparedness for natural disasters. Eminence   believes that for attaining food security interventions in different sectors related with food security is the need of hour. This has prompted it to implement Eminence Community Food Security Project (ECFSP) which will address production of food, proper utilization of produced food, access to market and service. For making Eminence’s dream of seeing a ‘Bangladesh without hunger’ a reality, it will prioritize economic empowerment of women and use ICT for harnessing better output.

Food, being one of the basic necessities of life, has become a matter of global concern. It is of paramount importance to ensure food security for all the people of Bangladesh where still a large number of people suffer from food insecurity. Under the EMINENCE Community Development Program (ECDP) of Eminence, Eminence Community Food Security Project (ECFSP) will be implemented which is designed to address many aspects of food security simultaneously. This project at the first stage will be implemented in 2 upazilas and with the passage of time, the coverage of the project will be expanded to all the 96 upazilas under 11 districts.
This will be done by implementing this project with Community Manage Group (CMG) members at the helm of the activities. The project focuses on women members of the community in order to facilitate their empowerment and encourage decision making. After women are imparted training on agriculture they will be provided with credit so that they can buy quality seeds, and can engage them with fisheries, poultry etc. This will be done by linking women with various credit programs. In the community clinics (CCs), there will be laptop available with internet connection to provide information on agricultural techniques, market prices, weather forecast, selling points for pesticide, fertilizers and quality rice, jute and fruit seeds. There will also be a website developed for providing information on such issues. Since ECFSP will be run by CMG among many, this will ensure the sustainability of this project.

At the same time Eminence is facilitating relationships between beneficiaries and the private sector to increase access to high-quality supplies such as seeds and livestock. Besides agriculture purpose, credit will also be given as a buffer or coping strategy for these people in adverse condition. Groups consisting of marginal women and poor farmers will be formed who will save money and who will be able to borrow money from CMG. This will increase households’ financial assets and can decrease household vulnerability to financial and other shocks. By doing all of these so, Eminence believes it will take a leap towards its dream of a food secured Bangladesh.




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