Our Objectivies

  • To conduct need based health and social researches
  • To disseminate updated knowledge and information
  • To take measure for human development
  • To device and implement appropriate advocacy strategies for bringing change in national and global policies
  • To promote right to health
  • To improve governance of health and other sectors
  • To provide basic services for people in special needs
  • To promote and implementation of international standard on rights, livelihood, and disaster risk reduction
  • To promote pro people climate change adaptation strategies
  • To encourage private sector for CSR compliances
  • To ensure/promote gender equity in all aspects of health & development
  • To make people aware by social communication
  • Provide health services to people in special need including people with disability and children with congenital anomaly.

Our Strategies

  • Share the passions of the clients
  • Ensure the fulfillment of commitments
  • Establish collaboration with stakeholders of health sector for further development
  • Minimize the cost for long term benefit




Social Presence