As its continuation of arranging in-house professional training or workshop, Eminence has organized intermediate and advanced level training on Microsoft Word. Facilitated by Ms. Shusmita Hossain Khan, the training attempts to improve the capacity of using Microsoft Word in very matured and professional manner.

Held at Michael Latham Conference Centre, Eminence, the training session is primarily based on evaluation, class task demonstration, and practical sessions on specific problems. Rather than being issue intensive, the training is problem intensive which puts the participants into the problem. This approach in fact has been a very motivation factor for the participants.

The common problems that have been addressed in the training include Line Spacing, Indenting Page number, Detail Activities of Ribbon Track Changing, Margin & Indenting, Page setup, Table formation, Diagram Alignment (Text, Figure, Picture), using Bullet & Insert etc.

The arrangement of in-house training on Microsoft Word reflects what organizational philosophy Eminence takes for continuous professional development of the professionals.  Eminence believes, in order to facilitate optimum capacity building and professional development, rigorous training on problem approach is a prerequisite.   Eminence believes  not only in conducting research on specific health or development centred issue, but also in  creating genuine leadership through in long run can generate greater contribution for the society.

This capacity development programme will be ended with a post evaluation test to measure the development of the professionals.




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