Eminence in collaboration with sanofi-aventis (S-A) has been implementing ‘Close to Heart’, a life style modification and awareness building project in some of leading tertiary level hospitals. The objective of this initiative is to stimulate awareness on non-communicable diseases among the patients visiting doctors in the respective hospitals. The other objective of this initiative is also to offer a set of anthropometric measurement.

Eminence has ventured this innovative initiative as a response to alarmingly increased rate of mortality and morbidity due to non-communicable diseases. Under this project, Eminence has deployed a panel of six (6) doctors in BSMMU, Ibrahim Cardiac Centre, and BIRDEM. Along with the panel of doctors, another panel of nutritionists will also be deployed to offer life style modification counseling and anthropometric measurements for the patients. The number of targeted patients to be covered under this campaign is 3,125 during 12 months. Each patient visiting the selected doctor in these venues will receive life style modification counseling and anthropometric measurement from the nutritionists. In first six months patients will be receiving counseling from the nutritionists and in the later six months the patients will be monitored.

During the first meeting with the doctors and nutritionist, anthropometric measurement along with blood pressure and pulse rate of each patient will be recorded. After the counseling, the patients will be monitored for a certain period. During monitoring the patients will be provide mHealth based interventions through text messages and over phone call. In the final meeting a post assessment will be conducted to determine the differences between the pre and post intervention situation. In addition, two patient hearing will also be a part of the monitoring of the patients.

The counseling will concentrate on developing healthy food habit, life style and taking appropriate physical exercises, cholesterol target, smoking/alcohol etc. The anthropometric services will include Height Measurement, Weight Measurement, BMI Calculation, Waist circumference Measurement, Hip Circumference Measurement, Waist to Hip Ratio Calculation, Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate. In addition,


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