The Nutrition Unit of Eminence has taken the initiative to organize capacity development course on “Journalism for Policy Change Development” for young and mid- level journalists of leading print and electronic media. The objective of this initiative is to enhance the capacity of the young and mid level journalists to catalyze intermediation on policy change development.  The broader goal is to stimulate a well concerted attention of high level policy makers toward most important issues of development. Under this initiative the first session took place at Michael Latham Conference Centre, Eminence on February 02, 2013.

Scheduled to take place on four subsequent Saturday, the initiative is designed into four modules on different dimensions and perspectives of development journalism. The participants of this course included young and entry level journalists from leading print and electronic media.

The session was chaired by Dr. Kazi Maruful Islam, Chairperson, Eminence. Other speakers of this session included Mr. Zahidul Islam, News Editor of BTV; Mr. Saidur Rahman Saeed, News Presenter of S. TV, UK and Mr. Khairuzzaman Kamal, Sr.Reporter of BSS.

Defining the session as “Not a training session nor an academic session but a mix”, Dr. Maruful Islam presented the course outline and presented the topic. In his session, Dr. Maruf   defined development as growth in economy with equity that involves the mental, behavioral and attitude development besides factors like per capital income, education, life expectancy, Gross National Income (GNI).  Mr. Kamal on the other hand discussed “the Role of media in development”. He divided development into two- aspects:  one includes intangible/ non- material aspects like awareness, thoughts, behavioral and the second one refers to tangible/ material aspects like road, bridge, building and other infrastructures. He argued that media can play the role in bringing change in the software development.

Mr. Saeed stated that through enhancing skills among Journalist, the initiative can help journalist to entice the attention of the policy makers and respective audience to the issue of development. Mr. Zahid cited “identifying the key development issues” is the basic step for Development Journalism. While sharing his own experience, he came up with “Role of BTV in Development: A Case Study” by placing several examples from past. He talked about how BTV has successful in presenting evidence based information on development and health issues like Arsenic contaminated water over the years to its vast audiences. The participants also shared their views and suggestions on young journalists can play more very vibrant role in this respect. The participants will be given certificates upon the completion of all four modules.




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