Finding integrated policies that addresses economic, social and environmental goals in a globalized market economy is not very easy for any developing country. It gets more complicated for a developing country like Bangladesh with limited choices of techniques and resources. Though over the past decades Bangladesh has achieved sustained economic growth and social progress, health equity and environmental protection has not been accomplished yet. Therefore, in order to attain sustainable development goals well concerted initiatives by government agencies and Civil Society Organizations need to be taken to create, mobilize strong political support amongst the national and global actors in order to devise development discourse for the development countries.

In that context Eminence in collaboration with University of Dhaka and Dhaka School of Economics has undertaken several initiatives to facilitate global discourse on sustainable development goals and mobilize political support amongst the international policy actors - both state and non-state - through series of activities with Citizen’s Forum on Sustainable Development being the platform to execute the planned activities under the banner of Citizens’ Forum on Sustainable Development.

It is to be noted that ‘Citizens’ Forum for Sustainable Development’ on behalf of civil society networks from Bangladesh pioneered the consultation with the campaign ‘Voice for Health’ through ‘Global Meet on Determinants of Sustainable Development’ in 2012 just prior to the Rio+20 conference.

As the activity the ‘Citizens’ Forum for Sustainable Development’ has implemented national congress at PKSF.  Following the recommendations of national congress, Citizens Forum for Sustainable Development is also implementing seven divisional workshops in order to incorporate the voices of grass root people in the post 2015 development agenda.

Organized with the support from local non-government organizations, the divisional workshops have been designed on identified ten thematic issues on the way to post- 2015 development agenda with special attention to health. The local non-government organizations that are providing support include UPPR-UNDP, DASCOH (Rajshahi); Humanity Watch (Khulna); Speed Trust (Barisal); Gram Bikash Kendra, Debi Chowdhurani Polli Unnayan Kendra and Manusher Jonno Unnayan Foundation (Rangpur).

The participants for the workshops include civil society representatives, health service providers, teachers, business group, farmer, day labourer factory/firm workers, socially excluded community and representatives from indigenous community. The participants are divided into some groups with a theme. On that theme, the groups discuss on three points: what are the major five problems related with the theme, how to solve the problems and how to measure the progress made on solutions, by which indicators of the respective theme. The workshops have come up with a number of recommendations, out of which climate change induced vulnerabilities are most important ones.

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