Bangladesh has achieved several milestones in environment sector despite the hardship from poverty, resource scarcity, overpopulation, corruption and natural calamities. Achievements ranged from incorporation of environmental concerns in sectoral policy formulation to benchmarking success at the field level. Like any other countries, achieving environmentally sound development has emerged as the greatest challenge for Bangladesh.
There are two types of Environment which are Physical Environment and Biological Environments. Physical environment means that it is made up of elements such as the atmosphere, climate, land, and water, climate etc. The biological environment includes animals, plants, and bacteria and other living organs. Both the physical and biological environments are interlinked; separating these from each other is possible and will cause devastating results for our Planet Earth.

In our modern world and rush for a better life we are causing variety of environmental problems such as variety of pollution such as Water Pollution, Air Pollution, Soil Contamination etc. Most global problems are caused by the developed country because of the over use of natural resources and over consumption. The lifestyle in developed countries are designed for overconsumption which leads to over production and that is leading to lots of emission of harmful chemicals in to the atmosphere and also in to the water resources.
Bangladesh is one of the developing countries and industrialization is growing very fast in the country which is improving the economy but at the same time is causing the environmental problem. The acute environment related issues in Bangladesh are Water Pollution, Air Pollution and Soil Contamination, Waste Management, Stalinization etc.


Water Pollution

Bangladesh is a land of rivers, there are around 800 rivers in the country and Bangladesh is also one of the country where save drinking water is a big crisis. One big portion of the ground water is contaminated with arsenic in Bangladesh. Arsenic is a natural mineral which is harmful for human beings. Another kind of water pollution in Bangladesh is chemical drain and dumping in the water sources. Most people of Bangladesh do not have access to tub well or tap water; these people are highly dependent on other water sources as river, pond, lake, cannel etc. and by using these contaminated water resources the health of the people are badly affected.

Other reason for water contamination is open deification. How this affects water resources, well Bangladesh is highly flood affected country, during flood all water resources are mixed together by overflow and the water resources becomes contaminated.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is mainly caused by industrial emissions, as Bangladesh is becoming more and more industrialized the emission is increasing day by day. Other reason for pollution is the automobile which is also increasing in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is also having indoor pollution which is mainly harming young children and women. This pollution is caused by the cooking process that most poor household is using. Using wood for cooking is common in Bangladesh which cause huge amount of harmful smoke and this is inhaled by the person cooking or around whom are women and the children.

Soil contamination

Bangladesh is an agro based country, rice is the main staple production of the country and also the main food and other main productions are vegetables and fruits.  In all the production huge amount of pesticides and fertilizer are used which are mainly dangerous chemicals and harmful for human. The major portion of land in Bangladesh are use for cultivation, and to produce enough food for 140 million people the land is needed and so as use of fertilizer and pesticides. This is damaging the quality of the soil because the cultivation land is not having any rest and the minerals of the land are decreasing and becoming less productive which leads to more use of chemicals to increase the productivity.


Eminence and Environment

Environment pollution is highly related with health. All pollution is causing health problem in the country. Eminence is actively working towards better health for the Bangladesh community, presently focusing on non environmental related diseases but has strong desire to work actively on environment related health issues. We believe that integration of environmental issues and concerns into development processes should be a prime concern for Bangladesh. The growth of the country must be based on the principle of sustainable development. Economic growth and environmental sustainability should be treated as mutually interdependent aspect to improve the well-being of the nation. Eminence is working to build a consensus among stakeholders – government, private sector and public in general, to achieve such development.




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